Shell Offers LNG at Customer’s Locations



Shell builds a vessel to deliver to LNG-fueled vessels in northwest Europe.  The new vessel will be based at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and will load from the new LNG break bulk terminal and jetty to be constructed by the Gas Access to Europe (Gate) terminal.  It will also be sea-going and therefore, able to bunker customers at other locations.

As emissions reduction requirements are scheduled to come into force in January 2015, the demand for LNG as a fuel in the shipping industry will increase.  The new fuel will also enable the industry to comply with future regulations.  

“Potential customers need to know that their LNG fuel will be delivered reliably and safely.  Shell’s investment in this vessel, as well as commitment to buy capacity at the Gate terminal, underlines our confidence in LNG becoming a bigger part of the fuel mix.”  The vessel will have a capacity to carry 6,500 cubic meters of LNG fuel and will be highly efficient and manoeuvrable. It will be able to load from big or small terminals and able to bunker a wide variety of customer vessels.

Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President of Shell Shipping & Maritime, says that Shell is proud to be leading in the development of LNG fuel in shipping.

Source: Shell


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