[Ship Afloat] Sunken Ship Has Surfaced


sunken ship

Two weeks ago, a sand dredger sank in the Reykjavik harbor. And now, the sunken ship has surfaced. Nearly 700 tonnes of water has been pumped out of the vessel and it has been headed to drydock for repairs and assessment.  Harbour Master Gísli Gíslason revealed that the cause of Perla sinking in the first place had not been established.


On 2nd November, the sand dredger – Perlan was reported sinking in the Reykjavik harbor.  Before the firefighters arrived, the ship sank and rested on the bottom of the harbor.  The ship completely sank in less than half an hour. The crew managed to reach the shore without any injuries.  The reports said that the ship’s hull shutters were not secured allowing seepage of water.

Source: RÚV