Ship Capsized in Bandırma


On May 14, a vessel reportedly suffered water ingress, capsized and sunk near the port.

What happened?

The “Ali Aga” suffered water ingress while loading cargo at Çelebi Bandırma on May 14, 2017.

The vessel capsized and sank at its berth within a few minutes, resting on its starboard side, partially above water.

Incident occurred while unloading:

The ship, coming from İzmir Aliağa Port to load empty containers in Bandırma Çelebi Port in Balikesir, had been sidelined due to faulty loading.

Ship abandoned:

The master had ordered his crew to abandon ship before it capsized. A total of 12 people were injured, including crew members and port officers. Of these, 10 were treated on scene, and 2 were hospitalized.all were reported safe. The wreck was surrounded by booms to prevent an oil spill.

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Source: Deniz Haber


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