Ship Channel Traffic Halted By Fog


On December 19, the traffic on the shipping channel was brought to a complete halt in the Galveston Bay and as many as 40 ships were kept in wait.

What happened?

The Houston shipping channel was brought to a halt and clogged due to traffic due to fog. The dense fog temporary brought the traffic to halt on the channel.

Fog to persist:

Reno Joergens, Chief with the Coast Guard said, “If it lets up in the near future, then typically it would take about a day to catch up. But if the fog sets in and it stays for a couple days, you know, obviously we’re looking at a much longer period to get these ships in and out”.

Matt Brock, a dispatcher for the Houston Pilots association said, “Right now if you were to go into a ship, you wouldn’t be able to see the entire length of the vessel. The fog season typically starts in November and runs through April, with intermittent closures expected during this time of year”.

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Source: Houston Public Media


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