Ship Collides With Underwater Object, Takes On Water


  • A large ship is taking on water after colliding with something underwater on Lake Superior.
  • The U.S Coast Guard reported that the 689-foot freighter with 22 people on board was taking on water.

A 689-foot ship collided with an underwater object early Saturday morning in Lake Superior and started taking on water, reports Bring Me the News according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Ship Collision

The Coast Guard received a report of the incident at 6:53 a.m. from the bulk carrier when it was located about 35 miles southwest of Michigan’s Isle Royale with 22 people on board.

The ship departed from Two Harbors, Minnesota, on Friday and was headed to Thunder Bay in Canada, according to It is currently carrying taconite, an iron-bearing sedimentary rock, according to the Coast Guard.

Pumps onboard are displacing some of the water entering the ship and there are currently no signs of spillage. The pumps reduced the listing of the vessel from the initially reported 15 degrees to 5 degrees.

Half of the 22-person crew has been removed from the ship, which is currently en route to a nearby port to complete inspections and repairs.

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Source: Bring Me the News


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