When Ship Crew Realized What was Going on it was Already to Late


Maiken yacht crew realized that the water at some distance had become brown – or so it seemed. As the yacht approached the brown spot, the crew realized that it was a mass of rock floating on the surface of the sea. Imagine being on a ship in the middle of the sea and the next minute around you to see this.

The crew managed to pass briefly through the stones leaving a trail behind it. Eventually, the density of the stone became so great that they had to change direction. It was good that they changed direction. A few miles away from the mass was an underground volcano. It was ready to explode.

Then the crew of Maiken began to understand what was happening. The layer of stone they had previously seen came from the volcano eruption.As the crew was watching, the mass grew. They were watching the birth of an island.

Explanation of the phenomenon

According to scientists, this kind of “surprise island birth” occurs tens of times a year. Usually, however, it happens in remote areas of the sea. The crew of Maiken was lucky enough to get past the hot spot as it tingled.

Hot spots are areas – often at the bottom of the ocean – that have intense volcanic activity. While “conventional” volcanoes are the result of a gap between the tectonic plates, hot spots may appear in the middle of such a slab, as “destora” reports.

This, of course, confuses geologists a lot. There are several theories that try to explain thermal spots – none of which are universally accepted. What geologists accept is that hot spots give rise to new volcanic islands every year – among them and all the islands around Hawaii.

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Source: The Weekly Observer


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