Ship Crew Stuck at Haldia Served Food



Food was provided to Chinese crew members who have been stuck on-board a Chinese cargo vessel in India since December due to legal issues.

What happened?

The Chinese Consulate in India and the Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) Authority have come together to provide food and water to the crew of a Chinese cargo vessel stuck at the Haldia port since December end.

“The food and water reached the ship on Wednesday as per the list of the ship’s captain,” said an official of the Alap Carrier, the cargo handling agent.

Ship detained:

The Chinese cargo ship named ‘Union Demeter’ from Nantong in Jiangsu province in Eastern China has been detained at Haldia port, India for more than a month by a court order as the company failed to pay refuelling expenses. The owner of the ship, Nanjiang Tranvast Holdings, was declared bankrupt and left crew members to defend themselves on their own.

The ship has been detained since it unloaded at Haldia port in December last year.

Chinese shipping industry is in crisis due to failing demand and oversupply, causing several shipping companies to file for bankruptcy.

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Source: The Hindu


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