Ship Engineer Dies in the Engine Room



On Wednesday, a 36-year-old Romanian who worked as a third ship engineer is suspected to have died after he collapsed in the engine room of a commercial ship, Berge Arctic.

What happened?

The commercial ship ‘Berge Arctic’ which is an ‘Ore Carrier’ type under a Singapore-based company had docked at Labuan port for about a year since February 26, last year.

The Maritime Officer on duty at maritime operation room in Likas received information from International SOS in Kuala Lumpur notifying that a crew on the ship was unconscious and sought assistance to bring the ill crew member to the hospital.

Airlifted to hospital:

The police said that the body of Mevlit Stelian was put on board a Royal Malaysia Air Force (TUDM) helicopter and landed at Terminal 2 of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA).

He said the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) 1 ambulance and its medical officer from the emergency room confirmed that Mevlit had died.

“Police received a call from QEH 1 informing that the victim who died from suspected sudden death was at Terminal 2.”

“Further investigation showed that the victim started work on the 15-crew ship on March 29.”

Police said the ship started to sail with 16 crew members including the victim at 7am on April 5 heading to Yu Lian Port in Shekou, China, for maintenance purpose.

“The Maritime officer contacted TUDM Labuan for help and hospital Labuan, but hospital Labuan could not attend to the victim as it does not have sufficient required facilities.”

“Hence, the victim was sent to QEH 1 to get further assistance. Further investigation on the victim found no injuries on his body and he was pronounced dead,” he said.

Helipad under renovation:

The body was sent to the Forensic Unit at QEH 1 and the post mortem would be carried out on April 6 (Thursday).

Meanwhile, it was reported that requests for the helicopter carrying the victim to land at both QE1 and QE2 proved futile.

The pilot was told that the helipad at QE2 was under renovation and that the one at QE1 could not be used.

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Source: Daily Express


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