Ship Inspection in the Future


A survey is to create enhanced safety on board the vessel


In recent years, the Danish Maritime Authority has developed the way in which surveys are carried out. The idea is that cooperation creates more safety.  This survey method was being debated at the Danish Maritime Fair.

The way in which surveys are carried out was up for debate at the Danish Maritime Fair, which is held at the Train Workshop in Copenhagen these days as part of Danish Maritime Days.  The Danish Maritime Authority had arranged the workshop with the title “Ship inspection in the future”.

More than 50 participants attended the Danish Maritime Authority’s workshop on “Ship inspection in the future”, which was held on the first day of the Danish Maritime Fair.  The workshop had been given the provocative subtitle “Safety or certification?” in order to create a debate on how surveys and certification can create the best possible safety.

A survey is intended to confirm that the crew is capable of preventing and handling accidents so that the passengers get safely to their destination – also if an accident occurs.  The intention is also to confirm that the crew’s safety and working environment are in order.  This is not done simply by checking the equipment and written procedures.

Lars G. Nielsen, Director of Ship Survey and Certification at the Danish Maritime Authority:

”Our surveys are based on a collaborative way of thinking.  The authority, the crew and the shipowner all play a role when it comes to creating a high level of safety.  A professional dialogue with the crewmembers about conditions of health and safety is a central element of the survey.”

What does a certification mean to a ship?

After the presentation, a strong group of panelists gathered consisting of: Jan Fritz Hansen, the Island Ferry Secretariat, Thomas Mørk, DFDS, Peter Hasle, Aalborg University, Claus Bo Jenstrup, DNV GL, and Øssur J. Hilduberg, DMAIB.

Jan Fritz Hansen, the Island Ferry Secretariat:

”I have enquired the members of the Island Ferry Secretariat, and they tell me that they are pleased about the new way of carrying out surveys.”

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Source: Danish Maritime Authority


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