Ship Loses Highly Flammable Cargo in Storm

On January 2, a cargo ship was caught in rough North Sea weather and lost around 270 containers including highly flammable cargo.

What happened?

The cargo ship ‘MSC Zoe’ was enroute for Germany when it was caught up in rough sea weather caused by storm Zeetje while travelling through the North Sea. The vessel lost nearly 270 containers at sea with four containers consisting of dangerous cargo.

Few containers retrieved

The coastguard were successfully able to retrieve around 20 containers located near the shores of the islands while another six were found in German waters.

However, on thursday a bag containing dangerous powder identified as organic peroxide washed up on a small Dutch island. The flammable compound is used for making plastic and capable of causing irritation if breathed in.

Warning issued

The police have issued a warning to the public asking them not to touch the containers if found and to alert the fire brigade. The vessels passing through the area have been alerted about the floating cargo.

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Source: The Local


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