Cargo Vessel & Its 23 Member Crew Reach Dubai’s Al Hamriya Port


After an awful 31-day journey at the hands of Somali pirates, the Bangladeshi-flagged cargo vessel and its 23 crew members have arrived safely at Al Hamriya Port in Dubai.

A terrible chapter ended

The ship’s arrival on Sunday brought an end to a terrible chapter that began on March 12 when it was hijacked in the Indian Ocean while en route from Maputo, Mozambique, to the United Arab Emirates.

Mizanul Islam, a spokeswoman for Kabir Group, the parent company of SR Shipping and the owner of the vessel verified the vessel’s safe arrival.

The tragedy began when Somali pirates boarded the ship and took control of the vessel, keeping 23 crew members hostage.

The ship, loaded with 55,000 tons of coal, was then redirected to the coast of Somalia, where the pirates continued changing positions to avoid authorities.

Ransom was demanded 

The pirates reportedly demanded a ransom of $5 million (Tk 55 crore) during the early stages of negotiations for the crew’s release, according to a Somali news site.

Following nearly a month of uncertainty and suspense, the crew was ultimately released on April 13.

SR Shipping Limited, a significant operator in Bangladesh’s shipping industry, operates ocean-going merchant ships, including the cargo ship.

The safe arrival of the ship and its crew represents a victory over difficulties and demonstrates the courage of mariners facing the dangers of piracy on the high seas.

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Source : Marine Insight