Ship owners and charterers at the Forefront at Key Industry Discussion



Major international ship owners and charterers will play a significant role in the Headline Conference at this year’s London International Shipping Week 2023 (LISW23), which takes place at the Thames-side headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in London, United Kingdom (UK), on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

Environmental matters will be central to discussions, particularly following next week’s pivotal IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting (MEPC80). Taking part in the ground-breaking LISW discussions will be Jan Dieleman, the President of Cargill Ocean Transport, and Chair of the Global Maritime Forum.

London International Shipping Week 2023 (LISW23)

Mr. Dieleman will outline his vision for the future of the shipping industry, when he joins a crucial panel discussion, which aims to identify potential solutions to address the challenges impacting global trade, particularly in relation to decarbonisation.

Joining this panel, moderated by international lawyer – Siiri Duddington of Hill Dickinson, are Nick Brown, the Chief Executive of Lloyd’s Register, and Ben Palmer, the President of Inmarsat Maritime.

Together, they will examine how to ensure shipping’s carbon transition can be done in an equitable way both for those in the industry and wider society.

Key considerations

Key considerations will include: Will the market or the regulator drive decarbonisation? And can this transition be achieved if it is not underpinned by a global liberal trading regime?

Threats posed to global shipping by the geopolitical environment will be scrutinised by a panel including Karrie Trauth, Shell’s Senior Vice President of Shipping & Maritime, a passionate leader in energy transition.

The panel, moderated by Steven Davies, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Anglo International Shipping, will also include Elisabeth Fauvelle Munck af Rosenschöld, the Global Sustainability Manager for IKEA Transport & Logistics, and Andrew Cutler, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Britannia P&I who also chairs the International Group of P&I Clubs.

Expert panel discussions

Questioning why the shipping industry is largely reactive to disruptive foreign policy, the panel will debate whether the industry could, or should, be more overt in how it communicates its global strategic importance.

Prominent Greek Ship Owner – Nick Tsakos, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tsakos Energy Group Limited, brings his vast experience to a panel chaired by Martin Crawford-Brunt, Director of The Baltic Exchange, to explore the relationship between regulation and market response, examining what are the implications for investors, financiers, charterers and ship owners.

London and the UK’s role in the maritime industry’s future

With UK Government Ministers expected to be in attendance, the Conference will highlight the central role of London and the UK in the maritime industry’s future.

Sean Moloney, Co-Founder of London International Shipping Week (LISW), commented: With a premier line-up and significant maritime industry venue, the LISW23 Headline Conference is taking place at a decisive moment for the shipping industry. We look forward to some hard-hitting discussions with enthusiastic participation from the delegate floor.

Registration for the LISW23 Headline Conference is now open.


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