Ship Recycling Sites Approved by the European Union



The European Union Commission has published its first ever list of approved ship recycling plants.

The booklet named ‘European List of ship recycling facilities’ published on 19 December, lists 18 plants including three UK sites.

The UK facilities are listed as the Able UK in Hartlepool, Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries in Belfast, and Swansea Dry-dock in South Wales.

EU ship recycling regulations, published in 2013, require all vessels sailing under an EU member state flag to use an approved ship recycling facility.  All EU flagged ships going for dismantling are also now required to carry on board an inventory of hazardous materials.

This will gradually be extended to all ships visiting European ports, irrespective of the flag they fly, from the end of 2020 onwards.

Environment commissioner Karmenu Vella extended his congratulations to the 18 European companies that made it to the list.

He said: “The list sends a clear signal that there are business and employment in safe and environmentally sound ship recycling, starting in Europe.  With the list, we close the loop for the European naval industry: these ships were often designed and built in Europe; we can take care of them at the end of their life too – in a respectful way.”

Meanwhile, applications from yards outside the EU are still being assessed.  The Commission will decide in 2017 on their inclusion in the list.

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Source: Materials Recycling World


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