Ship Runs Aground To Avoid Sinking


VIKING’s ferry was evacuated after it ran aground off the island of Aland in the Baltic Sea, to avoid sinking, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened? 

VIKING LINE ro-pax ferry, is 169 metres long and does daily trips between Stockholm in Sweden and Turku in Finland.

The ship, while en route from Turku to Stockholm, contacted bottom at around 0940 UTC Sep 20 in Aland islands waters, west of Turku, Finland.

Normally it carries between 1,800 and 2,000 passengers but due to the pandemic the number was heavily reduced.

On the day of the incident, she was carrying 207 passengers and 74 crew on board. 

Intentional grounding?

According to reports, the ship in order to “stabilize the vessel” had to intentionally run aground on one of archipelago’s island coast. 

Water ingress

Probably her hull was breached with ensuing water ingress, and danger of losing stability. 

Passengers evacuated

According to reports, all passengers were already evacuated. 

Remains aground

As of Sep 21, 0600 UTC, she was still aground, with tug and several SAR and anti pollution boats at her side.

About the vessel

Passenger ro-ro cargo ship AMORELLA, IMO 8601915, GT 34384, built 1988, flag Finland, operator VIKING LINE.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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