Ship to Ship Collision Increases Amid Challenging Market Conditions



The Shipowners’ Club mutual insurance association has reported 83 collision cases in 2015 involving Ship-to-Ship operations.  The association has so far handled 81 collision claims and continues to receive more claims related to berthing issues in September amid challenging market conditions.

STS operation is a booming business involving transfer of cargo between ships stationed at sea with the ships positioned alongside each other either, stationary or underway.  According to STS specialist consultancy, Dynamarine more than 12,000 operations are carried out annually.  This demand has led to the spawning of STS associated service industry comprising of nearly 60 service providers.

The Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference and Awards which is scheduled to be held on 15-16 November in London will focus on Ship to ship transfers.  Alexandros Glykas from Dynamarine is expected to deliver a talk on risk profile in the STS sector and offer insights to encourage effective safety culture.  Stuart Edmonston, Director, Loss prevention insurance expert from Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) will about talk about a risk-based approach to reducing occurrences of threat and Alasdair Adamson of Union Maritime will deliver a talk on the topic ‘Controlled collisions and procedures where only the bemused and bewildered should go!’ from vessel owners perspective.

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Source: Tanker Shipping & Trade


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