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Ship Technology Global is back for another issue packed with technology news and industry analysis.

The latest issue explores the implications of recent oil tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz, map out some of the most strategically important ports in the Indian Ocean, and profile the world’s first fully electric ferry.

Tanker wars: is shipping safe in the Persian Gulf?

  • A series of attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf has ratcheted up political tensions between the US and Iran, as well as the cost of ‘war risk premiums’ paid to insurers every time vessels pass through this vital region.
  • Julian Turner finds out more from Jakob Larsen, head of maritime security at shipping NGO BIMCO.

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Marshall Islands: profiling a key shipping player

  • For centuries, the Marshall Islands has been a key hub for international shipping. Now, this small chain of atolls is at the forefront of promoting sustainability in the maritime industry.
  • Adele Berti discovers how these small islands come to hold such an important role in global shipping.

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How will autonomy shape the UK shipping industry?

  • A roundtable event organised by Thales, ‘Charting a course to autonomy – what is the future of the UK maritime industry?’ discussed the many challenges and future prospects of using AI and autonomous ships.
  • Varsha Saraogi sums up the key takeaways.

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A game of risk: the Indian Ocean’s most strategically important ports

  • Home to some of the world’s busiest shipping and trade routes, a power struggle is being contested in the Indian Ocean between China and other Asian countries.
  • Ross Davies takes a look at five of the region’s most strategically important ports and their role at the heart of geopolitics.

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First look at Bolidt’s new Innovation Center for the maritime industry

  • Dutch synthetic flooring and decking manufacturer Bolidt recently hosted an exclusive preview of its brand-new maritime industry Innovation Center ahead of its October opening.
  • Adele Berti took a trip to Rotterdam to find out how the building will help Bolidt expand in the sector.

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Poseidon principles: big banks align to launch new green charter for shipping

A selection of the world’s biggest banks have joined forces with the Global Maritime Forum and other industry leaders to develop the Poseidon Principles, a world-first global agreement among financial institutions seeking to decarbonise shipping.

Will it work? Patrick Kingsland finds out.

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Ellen E-Ferry: a glimpse of the future of ferries

  • The Ellen electric ferry is set to welcome its first paying customer.
  • Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with about its design and how it could shape the future of mid-distance ferry crossings.

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Ballast water compliance: what you need to know

  • The BWM Convention was recently amended during the 74th International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Environment Protection Committee meeting.
  • The changes will have a significant impact on the industry as the American Bureau of Shipping’s William H Burroughs explains to Andrew Tunnicliffe.

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Next issue preview

  • As pressure to reduce global carbon emissions ramps up, the shift away from fossil fuels will have lasting implications on the world’s oil tankers. Will they become a ‘stranded asset’ as some industry reports predict?
  • Also next issue, we take a closer look at the IMO’s Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. Ten years after its adoption, how are nations working to responsibly recycle ships at the end of their operational lives?
  • At London International Shipping Week, we speak to women in the maritime industry to find out what can be done to create greater equality across the workforce.
  • Finally, we explore the impact that technology is having on crew welfare, and ask how the Port of Rotterdam’s newly established tech company, PortXChange Products, could facilitate smart ports worldwide.

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