Ship To Shore Cranes Blend With The Surrounding


STS Cranes

Konecranes believe the two ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to be the most silent and eco-efficient cranes in the world.  The two cranes delivered by Konecranes to the Port of Oslo, Norway, are very special with a colour scheme to blend in with the seashore and surrounding landscape.

The Oslo Sjursoya container terminal being located close to densely populated areas in Oslo, takes its environmental responsibility very seriously by curtailing its noise emissions and carbon dioxide footprint.  The same strict noise and CO2 emissions limits were also set for the new STS cranes.

Juha Aatola, Konecranes General Manager, STS Cranes said: “These STS cranes are on track to be the most silent and eco-efficient cranes of this type in the world.”

The cranes are equipped with LED lights for improved eco-efficiency.  They have twin-lift operation for maximum handling capacity and an outreach of 40 metres.  “It has been a pleasure to work with the Port of Oslo on this very special project.”

Source: Oslo24



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