Shipbuilder Announces Three-Year Supply Agreement for Technical Support


W&O, the leading supplier of valves, actuation, and instrumentation to the global maritime industry has announced a three-year supply agreement with Norway-based designer and shipbuilder VARD Group. Under the agreement, W&O will provide technical support to the design and engineering departments of VARD, covering all valve challenges on newly built vessels. This will include delivering valves, actuation, and instrumentation packages to VARD in Norway, Romania, and Vietnam, reports Sea News.

About the deal

Vidar Hoel, Technical Project Manager for W&O, based in Alesund, Norway, will lead technical support throughout the project. With more than 20 years of marine valve experience, Vidar will coordinate a W&O project team of specialists based in the Netherlands, Romania, and Singapore. W&O’s international network of offices and warehouses will support VARD with a trusted service that makes the supply chain of valves easy, quick, and efficient.

As part of the agreement, VARD will be able to utilize W&O’s industry-leading data management and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging systems. W&O creates an easily accessible history for each critical valve installed on a vessel. W&O’s application of digital technology in combination with the technical expertise of W&O will support VARD’s continued efforts to deliver state-of-the-art vessels for their customers.

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Source: Sea News