Shipowners Face Severe Yard Bottleneck

Credits: EMSA

Shipowners face a severe shipyard bottleneck if they want to source prompt delivery slots from yards in Asia, a situation that is set to worsen in the coming months, reports Splash247.

Analysis from multiple broking and banking sources show that available delivery slots have all but dried up for 2025, and are rapidly disappearing for 2026 too.

No newbuild slots

Maersk Broker is reporting there are now no newbuild slots available at yards for 2025 and most of the early part of 2026.

Accordingly we do not see shipyards being very flexible on price nor indeed payment terms in the short to medium term,” Maersk Broker noted in a recent report.

Moreover, containership owners and the big names in LNG, who have driven the ordering boom of the past couple of years, show little in the way of a diminished appetite. Splash reported yesterday, for instance, on Taiwanese liner Evergreen issuing a tender for twenty-four 16,000 teu methanol dual fuel ships with another tender for a large series of 3,000 teu vessels expected to follow shortly afterwards.

Tanker and dry bulk owners keen to order are faced with long waits, and high prices, amid an era where shipyards capacity has decreased dramatically in the 15 years following the global financial crisis.

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Source: Splash247