Shippers Drive Reduction In Seaborne Greenhouse Gas Emissions


  • Shippers are increasingly prioritizing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in their logistics operations, with Maersk’s ECO Delivery Ocean product demonstrating significant progress in this area.
  • In 2023, over 200 customers opted for this sustainable solution, resulting in savings of more than 680,000 tons of GHG emissions.
  • By switching to renewable fuels, Maersk has achieved an immediate reduction in fossil CO₂ emissions from intercontinental ocean freight by at least 84%.

Shippers are increasingly taking action to eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their logistics, with Maersk’s ECO Delivery Ocean product leading the way. The latest numbers reveal a strong trend towards sustainability in maritime transport, with Maersk transporting more than 660,000 TEU on green fuels in 2023 alone.

Decarbonization Efforts

Maersk’s ECO Delivery Ocean product offers a well-established and independently certified solution to reduce GHG emissions in ocean transport by over 80%. By opting for renewable fuels, customers can achieve significant reductions in their carbon footprints, contributing to global decarbonization efforts.

Customer Commitment

Major companies like Nestlé, Volvo Cars, and Action have committed to using ECO Delivery Ocean for their ocean cargo, with some pledging to ship 100% of their seaborne cargo under Maersk’s care with ECO Delivery Ocean. These partnerships highlight the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions in the industry.

Sustainable Fuel Alternatives

ECO Delivery Ocean replaces fossil fuels with green alternatives such as biodiesel and green methanol, sourced from waste streams and renewable sources. These fuels offer emission reductions of over 80% on a well-to-wake basis, making them attractive options for environmentally-conscious shippers.

Future Initiatives

Maersk’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond ocean transport, with initiatives like ECO Delivery Inland focusing on reducing emissions in inland logistics operations. By expanding offerings to include electric trucks, heavy-duty electrical trucks, and low-emission warehouses, Maersk is leading the way in sustainable transportation solutions.

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Source: Maersk