Shipping Cycle Investment: New Approach, Volatility

Credits: RANJITH AR/ Pexels

The shipping industry is known for its volatility, making it challenging for everyday investors to navigate. However, Breakwave Advisors, led by John Kartsonas, introduced a unique investment approach in 2018 with the Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF (BDRY), as reported by Freight Waves.

Tanker market

This exchange-traded fund purchases forward freight agreements (FFAs) and closely reflect the fluctuations of the dry bulk freight cycle, independent of broader stock market trends. In 2021, BDRY emerged as the best-performing ETF. Building on this success, Breakwave recently launched the Breakwave Tanker Shipping ETF (BWET) to expand its investment scope into the tanker market. Kartsonas discusses the lessons learned from the dry bulk fund’s initial five years, the prospects for the new tanker fund, and how these futures-buying ETFs complement other ocean shipping investments.

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Source: Freight Waves


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