Shipping Losses Remain at Historic Lows But Supply Chain Concerns Grow


  • inspite the shipping sector has shown great resilience through the coronavirus pandemic

The ongoing crew crisis, the increasing number of issues posed by larger vessels, growing concerns around supply chain delays and disruptions, as well as complying with environmental targets, bring significant risk management challenges for ship owners and their crews says a press release published on Allianz.

Safety & Shipping Review 2021

Key points:

  • Safety & Shipping Review 2021: 49 large ships were lost worldwide last year. Total losses down 50% over 10 years. The number of shipping incidents (2,703) declines year on year.
  • The shipping industry is resilient through pandemics, but the crew change crisis has long-term consequences. Covid-19 delays and surge in demand for shipping increasing cost of claims. Inadequate ship maintenance could bring future claims.
  • Suez Canal incident shows ever-increasing vessel sizes continue to pose a disproportionately large risk with costly groundings and salvage operations. A high number of fires and containers were lost at sea.
  • South China, Indochina, Indonesia, and the Philippines maritime region is the global loss hotspot.

For more information visit: Safety and Shipping Review 2021

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Source: Allianz


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