Shipping’s Strategic Role And Future Priorities For The UK Government


Shipping is crucial to the UK’s economy, with 95% of UK trade transported by ship. The next government should prioritize collaboration with the shipping sector to ensure it remains a key strategic partner in economic and environmental initiatives.

Delivering a Net Zero Shipping Strategy

The UK Chamber of Shipping emphasizes the need for a comprehensive net zero shipping strategy. Building on the Clean Maritime Plan, this strategy should include a multi-year framework to support the rollout of shore power and incentivize the use of greener fuels. This approach will provide the industry and investors with the confidence needed to transition to low-carbon operations, ultimately supporting the sector’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Supporting the Maritime Workforce

Another critical priority is securing funding for the SMarT (Support for Maritime Training) program through the next Parliament. The current intake of UK seafarers falls short of the 2,000 needed annually to meet industry demands. Continued funding is essential to safeguard the sector’s future by ensuring a steady supply of skilled maritime professionals. Additionally, increasing awareness and education about maritime careers in schools and colleges is vital to inspire the next generation and address common misconceptions about the industry.

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