Shipwreck Revelation: Adella Shores Resurfaces After 110 Years


Wooden Steamship That Disappeared In 1909 Finally Discovered In Lake Superior

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society has discovered another vessel that “went missing” on Lake Superior. On Wednesday, Hunters declared that the Adella Shores was found over 110 years after it had been lost.


The 195-foot wooden steamer is roughly 40 miles northwest of the Whitefish Point and 650 feet underneath the surface.

Some legends remark that the vessel held up lousy luck from the start of its life.

Sunk twice in shallow water

The wooden steamship loaded with salt had sunk twice in shallow waters over the first 15 years before it was refloated and could return to service.
But the Adella Shores never returned after it set sail for Duluth on 29 April 1909.

Darryl Ertel, the GLSHS Director of Marine Operations, was busy “running grids” on Lake Superior in 2021 as the side-scan sonar reportedly picked up a target.

He said that when he measured the length, he was sure that the vessel had to be the Adella Shores because no other vessels in that size range were missing.

GLSHS has experienced some banner years of discovery, and the press releases are thoroughly researched to ensure the tale is appropriately told.

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Source: Marineinsight