Shop Owners Return $1 Million Lottery Scratchcard Woman Had Thrown Away


Shop Owners Return $1 Million Lottery Scratchcard Woman Had Thrown Away, says an article on Mass Live.

Luck was in her favor

For a Springfield woman, being a regular at a Massachusetts convenience store paid off.

Abhi Shah, whose family owns the Lucky Stop in Southwick, said that a regular customer who buys scratch tickets came into the store in March. One of the tickets the woman purchased was a $30 “Diamond Millions” scratcher. “She was scratching one day and gave the ticket back to my mom to throw out,” Shah said. The $30 ticket was sitting in a pile for 10 days in March. Shah checked the discarded tickets on March 26 and realized the ticket hadn’t been fully scratched.

When Shah scratched off a section, he noticed something. “It was $1 million under that number,” Shah said. Shah’s mother, Aruna, had sold the winning ticket. The family, including Shah’s father, Maunish, knew the woman who had tossed it.

The woman worked nearby, so on March 29, Shah went over to see her. He simply asked her to stop by the store later. At first, the woman was first worried something was wrong. Shah assured her it wasn’t anything remotely bad.

Life- changer

“No, it’s something good. It will change your life,” Shah recalled telling her. When the woman returned to the store, Shah handed her the ticket back. The woman, Shah recalled, began to cry.

Lea Rose Fiega of Springfield then showed up on the pages of the Massachusetts State Lottery as a big winner. The Lucky Stop located at 587 College Highway in Southwick will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket. For the Shah family, returning the ticket brought them happiness. “I am sleeping peacefully,” Shah said.

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Source: Mass Live


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