Should You Follow The Bulls From JPMorgan? – ZIM Integrated

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Article Thesis

ZIM Integrated Shipping (NYSE:ZIM) is still a company with high volatility, and it is very obvious that its best days are behind it. Wall Street presently expects ZIM to make very small profits both this year and in 2024, which will result in a sharp decline in dividend payouts, possibly even to zero. ZIM could still be a good investment because of its extremely robust financial sheet, provided that container rates begin to rise in the not-too-distant future. Should investors heed the recent pretty optimistic commentary released by JPMorgan (JPM)?

What Happened?

A positive note from JPMorgan has just caused the shares of ZIM Integrated Shipping to soar, while they are still down significantly over the past year. ZIM was deemed cheap by JPM’s Samuel Bland because markets (probably) concentrate too much emphasis on short-term headwinds like low container rates, despite the fact that ZIM’s robust balance sheet will remain in place even if the company experiences a loss from 2023 to 2025.


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Source: Seeking Alpha


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