Silverstream Technologies Aiming 500 Orders By 2025

Credit: Chris Pagan/Unsplash

In one of the most compelling solutions yet devised to the decarbonisation conundrum, UK-based Silverstream Technologies’ air lubrication system (ALS) is helping shipping lines of all types reduce fuel consumption and emissions by between 5% and 10%, says an article published in Seatrade Maritime News.

Strong Momentum

In the seventh in a series of interviews ahead of Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East, Craig Patrick, Vice President, Sales, Silverstream Technologies, London, UK, spoke to Seatrade Maritime News about developments in the technology.

“Today, Silverstream continues to grow its global operations at pace. There are now over 155 vessels contracted to have our system installed, 33 of which are in service today. Our success is increasingly being recognised outside of the shipping industry as well,” he said.

“Silverstream is realistically targeting 500 orders by 2025 as a result of this strong momentum.”

By the end of 2022, Silverstream had 132 vessels contracted to install the system, 24 of which were in service at the time. This was made possible by the 95 ALS experts—with over 1 million hours of ALS know-how between them—situated in its London and Shanghai offices.