Simple Boosters of Metabolism



People whose  metabolism is slow consider genetics as a reason for their problem. But Science says genetics do not totally control metabolic process.  Here are few available simple methods to increase the metabolic process.


German researchers have found that 17 ounces of water increases metabolism by 30%, Effects are quick and long lasting.The rise occurred within 10 minutes and effects lasting for 40 minutes. Increasing water consumption by 1.5 litres a day can burn 17,400 calories a year. And of course water is basically a diet food.

2.Grapefruit Juice:

Researchers at UC Berkeley, testing  with mice found that  sweetened grapefruit juice causes weight gain of 18.4%. In a test of 100 days, the mice that had grapefruit juice had a better metabolic health, than the other.

3.Exposure to the cold.

Exposure to the cold can boost metabolism. Yes,it is proven. 8-80% the metabolism can be boosted based on the depending variables like age and BMI (Body Mass Index).  A study has revealed that exposing to cold for 15 minutes will be equivalent to an hour of exercise. and people at warmer places are likely to be obese than people living at cold place.


Being endowed with a muscular body is a boon!  The basic metabolism rate accounts to 70% of the calories burnt everyday. According to Mayo Clinic, more muscles burn more calories, even at rest.


Moderate exposure to UV rays, slows the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. A study in 2014 reveals that overfed mice when exposed to UV light were observed to have slower weight gain and had fewer signs of diabetes.

6. Dairy products: 

Deficiency in calcium can minimize metabolism rate. Many experts have agreed that the dip in calcium level triggers the release of hormone which cause people to store fat. So it is  compulsory to add dairy products like low fat milk and cheese in the daily diet.

7. Laughter and humor:

Energy expenditure and heart rate are accelerated by 10-20% by few jokes, prove Researchers at Vanderbilt University.10-15 minutes of laughter proves effective.

8. Organic foods:

Highest levels of organochlorines slow the metabolism  rates than those of the lower level pollutants. Pesticides are reported to contribute weight gain.