Singapore Bunker Sales Hit 10-Month Low In April


  • Singapore VLSFO bunker sales fell to at least a 15-month low of 2.25mn t in April, according to data from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. This came because of slower demand as more buyers turned to lower-priced HSFO.
  • Singapore HSFO sales accounted for a 42pc share of total fuel oil sales in April, up from a 31pc share a year earlier.
  • Disruptions in the Red Sea led to increased fuel usage by ocean-going vessels with higher rates of scrubber technology adoption, raising demand for HSFO by a greater extent than for VLSFO.

Singapore sold around 2,000 mt/day of bio-bunkers in April, slightly down from around 2,100 mt/day in March, according to preliminary figures from the port authority, reports Engine.

Bio-bunker and LNG sales dip

Singapore’s bio-blended bunker sales declined by 10% in April. Bio-bunker sales are much lower than peak sales of 79,000 mt recorded last October.

All of the 60,000 bio-blended bunkers sold in April were VLSFO blended with a bio component—typically 24% in Singapore. Total biofuel bunker sales across the first four months of this year stood at 187,000 mt, significantly higher than around 123,000 mt sold in the same period last year.

LNG sales fell by 8% in April after growing for four consecutive months. No methanol sales have been recorded since July last year.

Changes in Singapore alternative fuel sales between March and April:

  • Bio-VLSFO sales down from 66,000 mt to 60,000 mt
  • LNG sales down from 39,000 mt to 36,000 mt

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Source: Engine


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