Singapore Conventional Bunker Sales Rise 14% In May


Singapore’s MGO, VLSFO and HSFO sales grew by 20%, 17% and 9%, respectively, in May, reports Engine.

In May, 3,532 vessels were bunkered in the Southeast Asian bunker hub, a significant increase of 143 from 3,389 in April, according to preliminary figures from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. The average stem size also rose substantially by 115 mt to 1,337 mt in May.

Meanwhile, total bunker sales across the first five months of the year were 5% higher compared to the same period last year.

Fuel grade share of total sales in May (compared to year to date):

  • 56% VLSFO (57% YTD)
  • 37% HSFO (36% YTD)
  • 7% MGO (7% YTD)

Changes in bunker sales from April to May:

  • Total sales up 583,000 mt to 4.72 million mt
  • VLSFO sales up 387,000 mt to 2.64 million mt
  • HSFO sales up 137,000 mt to 1.74 million mt
  • MGO sales up 58,000 mt to 345,000 mt

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Source: Engine