Singapore Establishes New Lab For Low Carbon Solutions In Collaboration With ExxonMobil And NTU


  • ExxonMobil, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and A*STAR have launched a S$60 million Corporate Lab aimed at developing solutions to reduce carbon emissions and enhance resource efficiency.
  • The lab will focus on five key areas, including biomass conversion, carbon capture, and utilization, as part of Singapore’s efforts to advance its energy security and progress towards a net-zero future.

ExxonMobil, NTU, and A*STAR have joined forces to establish the ExxonMobil-NTU-A*STAR Corporate Lab with a focus on developing solutions to lower carbon emissions and improve resource efficiency. The lab, supported by a S$60 million investment, aims to address real-world challenges through innovative research and collaboration.

Research Areas

The Corporate Lab will concentrate on five research programs, including converting biomass into lower greenhouse gas emission fuels, utilizing industrial brines for carbon capture, and developing low-carbon hydrogen production technologies. These initiatives align with Singapore’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a sustainable future.

Collaborative Efforts

The partnership between industry and academia underscores the importance of collaboration in tackling global challenges. Over 50 researchers, students, and engineers from ExxonMobil, NTU, and A*STAR will collaborate on joint research programs over the next five years, contributing to Singapore’s energy security and economic growth.

Training and Talent Development

In addition to research advancements, the Corporate Lab aims to train a talent pool of graduates, researchers, and engineers in the emerging field of carbon circular economy. This initiative will provide unique opportunities for talent development and practical skill-building beyond academic research.

Leadership and Vision

NTU Vice President Professor Lam Khin Yong emphasized the significance of collaboration in addressing real-world challenges, highlighting the combined expertise of ExxonMobil, A*STAR, and NTU in driving technological innovation. The lab’s co-directors, Professor Xu Rong from NTU and Dr. Saifudin Abubakar from ExxonMobil, expressed their commitment to accelerating technological deployments for a more resource-efficient future.

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Source: Safety4sea