Singapore-flagged Vessel Carrying Russian-Diesel Denied Entry

Credit: precious-madubuike-JC9S-unsplash
  • Maersk Magellan denied entry to Tarragona port
  • Cargo was transferred STS from ex-Russian Nobel
  • Increased volume STS offshore Ceuta since sanctions
Spain denies entry to tanker carrying Russian-origin diesel, according to a Platts news source.

A Singapore-flagged vessel

Spain has denied entry into Tarragona port to the Maersk Magellan, a Singapore-flagged vessel, due to it transporting oil products originating from a Russian ship, the country’s Transport Ministry said Feb. 10.

Maersk Magellan was planning to unload the diesel at Tarragona, having received the cargo from the Cameroon-flagged Nobel, which until July 1 sailed under a Russian flag, the ministry said.

The EU has followed an embargo on Russian crude in 2022 with a ban on diesel imports from Russia from Feb. 5. An EU norm applies to ships that changed flags after Feb. 24, 2022.

The Spanish action follows on from press reports in El Confidencial and Europa Press Feb. 9 that the port authority from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa had sent a written warning to two local service providers warning them not to assist Russian ships operating in international waters nearby.

The service providers could be found in breach of the sanctions if they assist in ship to ship transfers that are taking place with regularity in the region, the reports said, citing unnamed port authority sources.

No comments from the port

The port authority declined to comment Feb. 13.

The sheltered Alboran Sea, near the Strait of Gibraltar, has seen increasing volumes of STS transfers of Russian crude and products for delivery to international markets.

Indeed, the Maersk Magellan took on its diesel cargo via STS from a third ship, Elephant, in the Alboran Sea, whose diesel cargo had a certificate of origin showing it was previously aboard the Nobel, according to the ministry.

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Source: Platts


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