Singapore To Middle-East Undersea Cable Project Reaches Chennai



On 22nd January, Chennai Coast has seen divers entering the waters in small boats and investigating the area for laying the optic fiber cables as a part of the Undersea Cable Project.

The Undersea Cable Project is a mammoth communication project of ten thousand kilometer undersea link that connects Singapore to Middle East.  The project will have connections reaching out in India and Sri lanka.  A part of the ambitious project, named Bay of Bengal Gateway, links Andaman and Nicobar islands with Chennai with undersea optical fiber cable.

The teams are digging deep pits in the sea through which the cables will traverse underwater.  They are covered with corrosion free pipes to carry the cable to various destinations.  The project is being implemented by a consortium of telecom giants including Vodafone, Oman-Tel, Etisalat, Reliance Jio Infocom, Dialog Axiata and Telecom Malaysia.  It has already completed cable laying work in Malaysia and Oman according to an official inspecting the work on the Chennai shores.

Source: Times of India



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