Singapore Navy Disrupted Robbery Attempt


Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) chased away pirates in Singapore Strait and safely escorted the tugboat into singapore waters.


Singapore’s Port Operations Control Centre received a signal from Malaysian-flagged Permata 1 on Tuesday morning. Pirates had boarded the tugboat in Singapore Strait.  The RSN’s Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF) immediately deployed the warship RSS Resilience.  On seeing the warship the pirates fled towards the Indonesian waters taking away some of the ship’s cargo.  RSS Resilience safely accompanied the tugboat into the Singapore waters.  No harm to individuals was reported.

On the swift action of the RSN, the incident was quickly shared with Indonesian and Malaysian navy.  Finally, the three pirates were caught and the stolen cargo was recovered.

Frederick Chew, a Commander of the MSTF, said: “I am heartened to see the good cooperation between Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian enforcement agencies in disrupting the sea robbery attempt on Permata 1.”

Source: Seatrade


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