Singapore Oil Sales Surge Amid Red Sea Shipping Crisis


  • Singapore experiences a 12% increase in fuel sales in January compared to the previous year, driven by disruptions in global shipping patterns, particularly the Red Sea diversions.
  • Vessels, avoiding the crisis in the Red Sea, are opting for the safer route around the Cape of Good Hope, leading to extended voyages and heightened demand for bunker fuel.

Increased Demand at Singapore Port

Singapore, one of the world’s busiest ports, witnessed a 12% surge in fuel sales in January, marking the second consecutive month of sharp gains. The ongoing Red Sea shipping crisis, with vessels avoiding the region, has elevated Singapore’s importance as a refueling hub. The port serves as a crucial stop before vessels embark on the longer journey around the Cape of Good Hope to bypass the crisis.

Changing Shipping Routes and Bunker Fuel Consumption

The disruption in global shipping patterns, prompted by the Red Sea diversions, has led to alterations in shipping routes. Vessels are now opting for the safer journey around the Cape of Good Hope, avoiding the Red Sea. This shift in routes, along with some vessels increasing sailing speeds, is driving up the consumption of bunker fuel. The extended voyages necessitate refueling at non-traditional ports, including Singapore.

Rising Bunker Fuel Prices and Overall Impact

The heightened demand for bunker fuel in Singapore has contributed to increased prices. In January, low-sulfur marine fuel prices in Singapore reached $671 a ton, approximately 10% higher than the levels at the end of the previous year. Overall sales of marine fuel in Singapore for January reached 4.9 million tons, indicating a 12% year-on-year increase. The impact of the Red Sea crisis on shipping routes is expected to further boost demand for bunkering, potentially leading to a 5% increase if vessels continue to avoid the Red Sea.

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Source: Finance Yahoo


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