Six Seafarers Kidnapped from Anchored Cargo Ship

Credits: Shutterstock

Panama-flag vessel was boarded late on the evening of 30 June, resulting in six crew members have been abducted from a general cargo ship anchored off Douala in Cameroon, reports Safety4sea.

In particular, the ship was about one nautical mile (1.8 km) off the port at the time and had been anchored there since the previous day.

Ambrey observed two Cameroonian military vessels responding to the incident, arriving at the scene within minutes. They left a little over an hour later.

As explained, three days before the kidnapping, shipowners were alerted to an increased threat of pirate attacks off West Africa. The previous week, seafarers were injured when a Swiss bulker was boarded off Conakry in Guinea.

Security companies reported that crew members were attacked during the 30-minute raid on a Marshall Islands-flag vessel 33 km (21 miles) south-west of the port. Four criminals boarded the ship with bladed weapons and used force to take money from the safe before fleeing.

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Source: Safety4sea


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