Sloshield™ Installed On The GasLog



GTT, the world leader in the design of membrane containment systems for the maritime transportation and storage of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), has partnered with Cryovision to complete the first installation of innovative sloshing monitoring system, SloShield™.

The SloShield™ solution monitors  the impacts caused by sloshing of the liquid cargo.  It provides real time information.  GasLog Singapore is the first ship to be equipped with this system which can lead to an optimization of the ship’s operations.

The agreement includes an initial phase of observation-cum-demonstration of  the performance of SloShield™ accompanied by crew training.  In addition, GTT’s teams will study the relationship between sloshing and the boil-off rate in the tanks.  This is the key topic for ship-owners that had not been investigated in-depth so far.

Theodoros Katemidis, General Manager of Newbuilding Technology and Projects of GasLog commented that GasLog values innovation and constantly looks to improve the performance of our vessels through new technology.  The installation of SloShield™ on the GasLog Singapore illustrates the desire to continuously monitor and improve onboard systems which can lead to improved efficiencies for GasLog  and will further optimize the operations of vessels and satisfaction of customers.

Source: GTT