Kiwi Brothers Invent World’s First Portable Container Weighing Scale – Connected to a Mobile App


Kiwi brothers invent world’s first portable container weighing scale to help with new shipping laws to be enforced this year.

International Maritime Organisation(IMO) has implemented the new shipping law from July 2016, which requires all the shippers to verify the weight of every container after an estimated one-third of all containers are misdeclared or overweight.

The new container weighing method helps easy implementation of the above shipping law.

Mark and Greg Fahey, two brothers from Dunedin, have invented the world’s first portable container weighing scale.

How to use the container weighing scale:

  • Four jacks connect to the corners of the container, and the container will be lifted very slightly.
  • This weighs the container.
  • The weight gets transmitted to the smartphone app.
  • The app then calculates the total weight by adding the weights from the four jacks.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Video: Avery Weigh-Tronix on YouTube

Source: TVNZ


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