Smooth Sailing? Think Again: 22 Unexpectedly Unpleasant Cruise Ship Problems

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Even while a cruise vacation may include white sand beaches, poolside beverages, and great entertainment, it’s not always rosy, as reported by RCB.

Issues you might run across

Even though cruising is a great way to travel, there are a few unanticipated issues that can arise. If you’re new to cruising, you might imagine the ideal, stress-free getaway, but there are a few unpleasant, unforeseen, and downright disgusting issues you might run across.

Here are the top 22 unpleasant cruise ship issues you aren’t ready for, from diarrhoea to sunburn and enormous quantities of perspiration.

Heartburn and acid reflux

When I take a Royal Caribbean cruise, I experience heartburn more frequently than usual. While there are clearly some healthier options available, most travellers eat more fried and greasy foods than they normally would.

This might cause unpleasant heartburn that makes you feel awful very quickly.

I advise bringing TUMS or other antacids to deal with this issue. You could also abstain from the third helping of fried prawns at supper and the two slices of pizza at Sorrento’s at 2 AM, but this will require much more effort!


Diarrhoea is an undesirable issue that many passengers encounter when cruising. Your digestive system can suffer from rapid diet changes, different food kinds, long hours of travel, and other factors.

If you consume suspect street food or ingest tainted water while visiting a foreign nation, this issue could become even more serious.

The best cruise advice I can give is to bring anti-diarrheal medication because you never know when or if you’ll get sick. When getting ready for a port day, if your stomach starts making any unexplainable noises, just in case, include a roll of toilet paper in your suitcase!


Constipation, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is another issue that many cruisers experience while aboard. Once more, a cruise’s abrupt shift in diet and lifestyle might confound your digestive system, leaving you unhappy and constipated.

To avoid constipation while on a cruise, it is advisable to eat fibre-rich foods such as whole grains, beans, and fruits. Additionally, add a few veggies to your plate before piling it high with quesadillas and steak, and remember to drink plenty of water.


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Source: Royal Caribbean Blog