Some Unsafe Conditions in Plain Sight Become Invisible

Credit: Diogo Hungria/Unsplash

The Nautical Institute presents an incident where a tanker was in port, and two engine crew were to tidy up the steering gear compartment. Some empty wooden boxes were to be taken out.

The incident

They were currently stored on top of various 45-gallon drums. The crew members climbed on top of the drums and were collaborating on lifting the boxes out when one crew member slipped and fell. He landed safely on top of the drums, but his left leg remained stuck in between the drums. With assistance, the victim was transferred to the ship’s hospital for evaluation of his condition and provision of first aid. He soon returned to the vessel and continued the recommended treatment onboard with light duties.

Lessons Learned

  • Some unsafe conditions are in plain sight but become invisible because they are so familiar to us. In this case a commonplace task was not properly analysed for unsafe conditions.
  • A deck full of holes is clearly unsafe; if you would not walk on a deckfull of holes; why would you walk on a surface made of barrels that is full of holes?

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Source: The Nautical Institute