South Carolina says No to Confederate Flag



Nikki Haley Governor of South Carolina has entailed the state legislature to act on the removal of confederate flag from the state capitol’s grounds.

The confederate flag flying high in South Carolina is 154 years old.  The flag was designed by William Porcher Miles.  It was first rejected as the national flag but adopted as a square battle flag by the Army of Northern Virginia after which it became the symbol of confederate nationalism.  This flag was embraced by the man accused of killing nine people in a black church last week.  Between the messages of grief and tributes a card read, “Governor Haley: Take the flag down. It hurts us!”.

There are varied views about the pertinence of the flag today. Only the South Carolina’s state legislature may remove the flag, according to a deal contrived in 2000 when the flag was moved from the capitol’s dome to the memorial where it now stands.

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