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According to a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs press release, the maritime group has welcomed the sustainable shipping measure proposed by France, a few months ago, and more recently the BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Conference, the oldest and largest maritime association in the world) have proposed to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) measures to reduce the speed or power of ships.

What is it?

The Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group welcomes this important step towards sustainable
shipping, aware of its emissions of atmospheric pollutants and eager to reduce them.

Indeed, our group has been at the forefront of environmental issues for many years: with the first double-hull bulk carriers in the world, with the first electric battery installations on ships dedicated to offshore wind, or with the research initiated on sailing assistance to the
propulsion of ships.

Responsible Shipping

For more than 10 years, Philippe Louis-Dreyfus has been active in promoting responsible and exemplary shipping, particularly when he chaired the ECSA (European Shipowners’
Association) and BIMCO.

  • He was the first to propose this measure to reduce the speed of ships.
  • This significantly reduces all air pollutant emissions (sulfur and nitrogen oxides,
    particulates and CO2) immediately, without investment.

Reducing Power Can Help?

We are well aware that reducing speed or power is just one step on the road that will lead
shipping to the decarbonization of its activities. But it is an absolutely necessary step if only to demonstrate the will of our industry to reduce its environmental footprint and be a driving force on ecological issues, which are essential today.

We must also congratulate ourselves on the eminent role that France has decided to play in
promoting this measure. Through the voice of the President of the Republic, Mr Emmanuel
Macron, on the sidelines of the last G7, and thanks to the work of the teams led by the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Mrs. Elisabeth Borne.

We are calling today on the IMO to welcome this measure. Now that the industry is ready to take an important step immediately, it is not conceivable that IMO will not act in this direction.

The European Commission and many governments are very attentive to this today.


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