SS Pacific Sinks Killing 275 +


SS Pacific

Accident type: Collision
Vessel involved: SS Pacific
Location: Southwest of Cape Flattery, Washington
Date: 4 November 1875
Casualties: 275 +


Name: SS Pacific
Built: 1851
Class & type: Steamship
Tonnage: 876 tons
Length: 223 ft (68 m)
Beam: 33 ft 6 in (10.21 m)
Propulsion: Vertical-beam steam engine Side paddle-wheels

SS Pacific was an 876-ton sidewheel steamer built in 1851.  It is broadly known for its sinking incident that happened in 1875 as a result of a collision in southwest of Cape Flattery, Washington.  The Pacific had an estimated 275 passengers and crew aboard when it sank.  Of all, only two survived.  Among the casualties were several notable figures, including the vessel’s captain at the time of the disaster, Jefferson Davis Howell (1846–1875), the brother-in-law of ex-Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Source: Wikipedia