SS Rockport Sinks With Load Of Iron Ore


SS Rockport

SS Rockport had been built at Portland, Maine, as Wilfred B. Bellevue and completed in March 1945.  SS Rockport was originally an American Liberty Ship Type EC2-S-C1.

The 134.6 metre long steamship sailed on various routes but had a close call in March 1950 when the tailshaft broke and the propeller fell to the bottom of the Atlantic east of Bermuda.

It acquired the name of Rockport in 1964 and was operating under the flag of Liberia.  On 5th February 1966, She had been abandoned by her crew in heavy weather while on a voyage from Vancouver to Japan with a cargo of iron ore.  The ship was briefly taken in tow before it went down about 960 Km. from the Midway Islands.

Source: Niagara This Week