SS Yongala: Most Intact Historic Shipwreck


SS Yongala

SS Yongala was a steel passenger and freight steamer built by Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd in England for the Adelaide Steamship Company and launched in Southampton on the 29 April 1903.

On 23 March 1911, SS Yongala en route from Melbourne to Cairns carried 49 passengers, 73 crew, and 617 tons of cargo in the lower hold.  She steamed into a cyclone and sank south of Townsville.  All 122 aboard were killed.

The length of the wreck is 110 metres (361 ft).  The depth of water to the sea floor is approximately 30 metres with the upper sections of the wreck 16 metres below the surface.  SS Yongala is one of the largest, most intact historic shipwreck.

Source: Wikipedia


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