Stellar Daisy: A Message from IMO Secretary-General



“The news that the search for survivors from the Stellar Daisy has not yet proven successful is sad indeed. Reports from the Uruguayan Navy indicate that fuel, debris and empty lifeboats have been found but, so far, nothing else,” says a press statement from International Maritime Organization (IMO)  Secretary-General Kitack Lim.

His statement says: “Twenty-two of the ship’s 24 crew members are missing but we always live in hope that a miracle may happen.”

“At this stage, the most important thing to say is that our thoughts and prayers are with the seafarers still missing, and with their families and loved ones. And I would also like to offer my commendation to all those who have been involved in the search and rescue operations.”

“Such operations are never without risk yet those who undertake them do so readily and without fear of the consequences to their own lives. They deserve our appreciation and gratitude.”

“It is expected that there will be a full investigation into this accident and that the results and findings will be brought to IMO so that we can do whatever may be necessary to reduce the chances of such an incident happening again.”

Thankfully these occurrences are rare; but when they do happen, they serve to remind everyone that the seafarers, on whom we all depend, do a difficult and sometimes dangerous job; and that those of us responsible for making the industry safer can never stop striving for improvements.”

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Source: IMO


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