Stolen Parts in Birmingham Shipping Containers

Credit: frank mckenna/Unsplash

Shipping containers found in Birmingham filled with stolen parts, states a BBC news source.

Shipping containers filled with stolen car parts

Two shipping containers filled with stolen car parts have been uncovered by police at a suspected chop shop.

West Midlands Police found parts from 14 stolen carks and bikes during a search at premises in South Yardley, Birmingham, on 14 April.

Some of the parts were stolen from cars in Warwickshire and Staffordshire, the force said.

It added that the owners of 10 of the 14 vehicles were traced and told of the discovery.

Parts from high value vehicles such as a Nissan GTR and a Mercedes E63 S were found alongside those from Toyota, Ford, Nissan and VW.

Tracking down people involved

A spokesperson said the force was now focussed on tracking down people involved.

In December, West Midlands Police said officers had arrested more than 100 suspected car criminals within three months during a vehicle crime crackdown.

A specialist vehicle crime taskforce was set up in September.

“Officers were able to carry out the warrant thanks to intelligence they received,” said Sgt James Harbour.

“With the support of the public we can continue to tackle car crime and shut down chop shops.”

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Source: BBC News