Stolt-Nielsen Investigates The Possibilities Of Ammonia As An Alternative Fuel

Credit: Stolt Tankers

To aid in the ongoing transition to low- and zero-carbon energy, Stolt-subsidiaries Nielsen’s Stolthaven Terminals and Stolt Tankers are researching the possibility of ammonia as a more environmentally friendly substitute for conventional petroleum-based maritime fuels, as reported by Offshore Energy.

Green and blue energy

In line with this, the global nonprofit industry association Ammonia Energy Association (AEA), which promotes the responsible use of ammonia as part of a sustainable energy economy, has welcomed Stolthaven Terminals as a member. Stolthaven Terminals offers storage services for bulk liquids and gases.

According to the corporation, Stolthaven is participating in numerous initiatives throughout the world that investigate the switch to green and blue energy, and the AEA offers crucial resources, industry connections, and insights to promote future advancement in this area.

Eco-Friendly practices  

Commercial and Business Development Manager for EMEA, Pim van den Doel, stated: “We feel we can complement other AEA members, many of which are technology businesses or producers, as an infrastructure company with terminal assets and facilities in crucial places. We look forward to collaborating with member organisations to create initiatives that further the supply chain’s transition to more environmentally friendly practises while reducing emissions.”

The current projects that Stolthaven Terminals is involved in include its new joint-venture terminal in Taiwan, a potential ammonia import facility at the Advario Stolthaven Antwerp terminal in partnership with Fluxys and a potential project in partnership with the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex in Brazil to develop a terminal focused on storing and handling green hydrogen and associated products such as green methanol.


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Source: Offshore Energy


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