Stomach Flu Affects Passengers Aboard The Cruise Ship


Approximately 180 people on board the Royal Cruise Ship fell ill with stomach bug.  The vessel was docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, Australia, on 15th December and reported the outbreak of the illness.

The report says that the outbreak of the illness began on December 4. None of the passengers were reported to be in need of hospitalization.

One of the passengers informed: “Just about everybody was sick.  All the medics [were] going in and out of all the rooms.”  Separate reports indicated that 4,700 passengers were onboard during the cruise, for an infection rate of less than five percent.

Extra efforts will be taken in cleaning the ship to ensure that the outbreak is not repeated as the vessel is set to sail again with a new set of passengers.  The vessel has previously experienced such illness on an American cruise in early 2014, which sickened nearly 700 vacationers and crew.

The Cruise Ship was on a 14-day tour of New Zealand and Australia, including visits to the Bay of Islands, Wellington, Dunedin, and the Milford Sound.

Video Credit Link: BBC

Source: 9 News


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