Storm And Norovirus Breaks Trip Of Anthem Of The Seas



Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas cut shorts it’s one other trip again on Saturday due to norovirus outbreak and trying to avoid a possible severe storm, is returning to its home port of Bayonne, N.J., on Sunday to “provide guests with a comfortable journey back home.”

The cruise was being cut two days short because of a storm developing off Cape Hatteras, the AP reported.  As a result, planned stops in Barbados and St. Kitts were being skipped.

The vessel faced a bad storm earlier this month that damaged the vessel and left passengers shaken.  The storm forced the captain to confine passengers to their cabins overnight while “extreme wind and sea conditions” buffeted it during a seven-day voyage.

The captain of the ship reported about the outbreak of norovirus aboard the ship during the weekend.  Still there is no clear idea about The number of passengers affected by the virus.  The crew is sincerely maintaining the sanitation levels in the ship scrubbing down handrails, tables and all other surfaces.

The ship is expected to arrive at its home port Wednesday morning.

Source: USA Today


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